Husband: Jeff -- married since June, 1992
Children (sons): Noah (born 1998) and Payton (2002)
Pets: Two cats -- Tori and Macy
Born: November 16, 1968 in Monroe, WI
Education: Graduated from Monticello High School (class of only 26 kids!) in 1987. Graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Platteville in 1991 with a degree in Technical Communications Management and Journalism.
Nickname: The Krumenator (because I'm the only one in my office with the strength/stupidity to tackle the 32 ounce McDonald's Iced Coffee!)
Favorite TV Shows: Everybody Loves Raymond, The Bachelor, Biggest Loser, Two and a Half Men, Desperate Housewives, Storm Chasers, Jon and Kate Plus 8, CBS Soap Operas
Favorite Broadway Musicals (all seen in NYC!): Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, Full Monty, Wicked (Really, there aren't any bad ones, but I didn't have time to list 25 shows!)
Movies that I’ve watched at least 50 times each: Top Gun, Sixteen Candles, Wizard of Oz, Sound of Music, and pretty much anything ever put out by Disney (That's what happens when you have kids!)
Favorite type of food: Appetizers
Favorite Food: Anything with sour cream or cream cheese! Taco dip, chicken wings/drummies, shrimp cocktail, veal marsala
My candy dish usually is filled with: Dove dark chocolate or M&Ms
Food I’m not such a fan of: Fishy tasting fish, brussel sprouts, oatmeal, really spicy stuff, avocado, wild game
Favorite Musicians/Bands: Sting, Michael W. Smith, Nickelback, Leeland, Kutless, Re:Zound
I drive: 2008 Chevy Malibu LTZ
I wish I drove: A Lexus
If I weren’t doing my job, I’d be: A publicist or an editor...or maybe a storm chaser!
Favorite place to vacation: Door County, WI...Key West, FL...Alaska

Where I'd be every day if I could afford it: On a cruise ship!
Favorite type of music: Everything! My iPod has it all…classical, Christian, rock, alternative, pop, 80s
Favorite sporting event: NASCAR…specifically Dale Earnhardt Jr (and am still a fan of the late Dale Earnhardt Sr.), Green Bay Packers, University of Wisconsin Badgers football and basketball
Favorite things to write: First line prompt short stories
I want to write: Screenplays
Pet peeves: FAA regulations (airport travel), humidity, mosquitos
Favorite times spent with my family: On our boat and traveling
I’m afraid of: Spiders, snakes, driving in bad weather
Hobbies: Writing, watching football and racing, playing with my kids, scrapbooking
I really wish I could: Work for NASCAR
My worst habit: Biting my nails
To relax, I: Like to take a vacation that involves a hotel/resort so I don’t have to make the bed or clean the bathroom.
My favorite thing to do: Watch my boys sleep
People are always surprised to know this about me: I love hot air ballooning and have always wanted to own/fly my own balloon. Even more surprising is that I love the smell of diesel/racing fuel.
I always start my day by: Drinking a Diet Coke
Something I wish I knew how to do: Swim
The best day(s) of my life: May 20, 1998 and January 16, 2002…the days I gave birth to my sons.
I can get very crabby if: It’s a humid day and my hair needs to look good. I have natural curls and they don’t mix well.
The greatest idea ever…: The cleaning lady! (Too bad I don't have one anymore!)
Technology I can’t live without: Blackberry, iPod and wireless laptop
You’ll never see me: Smoke; own a Ford
Sometimes I regret: Taking a 15-year break from publishing my articles and seeking out book publishers
Most disliked household chore: Washing the floors, putting away clean dishes
Weird pastime: Reading cookbooks
If I could change something about myself it would be: I’d be much more organized and would be more patient
My favorite holiday: Christmas and my birthday (OK, my birthday isn’t a holiday, but it should be!)
The person I most admire: My mom
I hate it that I: Worry all the time
I hate it when: I get rained on. Even sprinkles…can’t do it!
I wish I were better at: Golfing and running

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